Saturday, May 8, 2010

Heaven -- not a "where" or a "what," but a "who"

What is a school, if not its teachers and students? The building that bears the name of "school" is secondary.

What is a church, if not a congregation of men, women and children with God in their midst? Tear down the steeple and burn the sanctuary to the ground, and the Church will endure.

What is the New Jerusalem, if not the Church triumphant? Physically, it will be the most beautiful place in this or any other universe, but it is heaven because the Church is there – and because God lives there.

Heaven is the ultimate expression of God’s Church. That is the New Jerusalem. And my local church – this congregation of people that dates back to 1835 – is one building block in the New Jerusalem.

What we're doing is important, eh?

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