Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rainy day in North Augusta

A gentle rain has fallen all morning -- and this is a good thing.

It'll knock down some of the pollen. Each of the past couple of mornings, the powdery stuff has been so thick that I've turned on my car's windshield wipers to clear it away.

Also, of course, the rain is good for all the growth that is starting to happen. Spring has sprung outside the window of my home office. The backyard is positively verdant.

Resurrection is happening. Life is good.

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Conifera said...

Hi Charlie! Welcome to the blogging community. I'm already enjoying yours -- I especially liked the comment about being a late bloomer. I think I'm a bit of that myself. Anyway, I'm feeling inspired to work on mine a bit again too, so in a few days, you might check out (if I remember my own addy correctly!

I'm enjoying the rain too... so needed. I hate aridity (If that's even a word...)


Yer old friend Conifera